Kerry Martin University of Michigan Law School

My name is Kerry Martin, and I’m a public interest law student living in Ann Arbor. I hope to spend my career as a public defender or nonprofit immigration lawyer here in Michigan.

This site is a collection of my writing.


Is Gang Membership a Crime? How RICO Laws Turn Groups into Gangs

Michigan Journal of Race & Law (Blog Post), Jan. 14, 2019.



Trump’s Efforts to Deport People Back to “Sh**hole” Countries Stalled by Equal Protection Clause

Michigan Journal of Race & Law (Blog Post), Oct. 15, 2018.



Mexico and U.S. Still Lock Up Central American Refugees, but Make Moves Towards Ending Detention

RefLaw (Note), Feb. 23, 2018.



Trump’s Demand for a Deal on ‘Dreamers’

The New York Times (Letter to the Editor), Oct. 12, 2017.



TimeBank Members Form Community by Providing and Receiving Services

e-Volunteerism (Journal Article), May 10, 2017.



Volunteers Along the Immigrant and Refugee Journey

e-Volunteerism (Journal Article), Nov. 18, 2016.



Immigration Reform: The Drawbacks of E-Verify

The New York Times (Letter to the Editor), Mar. 30, 2015.



Comparative Representations of Vermont’s Migrant Latino Farmworkers

The University of Vermont Honors College (Undergraduate Thesis), Spring 2015.


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