professional writing

I can write the unique story of you organization and its members.

While working for the ArchCare TimeBank, a community-based volunteer program, I’ve interviewed some of our members and written stories about how they’ve helped one another, in order to demonstrate the mission and impact of our organization.

Here are those stories, published on the ArchCare website:

For writing that will tell your constituents’ success stories and express your organization’s mission,  email Kerry Martin at or contact me online.

I can write well-researched, entertaining articles and web content for your company, organization, or brand.

For Webolutions Strategic Marketing Agency, I’ve written 300+ blog posts and web pages for more than a dozen client companies across a diverse range of industries.

Here is a sample of my unattributed and ghost-written web content:

For web content that will express your company’s or organization’s unique style and culture, email Kerry Martin at or contact me online.