who is this guy?


My name is Kerry Martin. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY, I work for a community organization called the ArchCare TimeBank, a network of individuals and organizations who exchange hours of volunteer services. I’m a nonfiction writer, an immigrant rights advocate, and a legal intern at Make the Road New York. Starting in August 2017, I’ll be attending the University of Michigan Law School.

I’m also developing a bilingual tool called Immigrant Dignity that answer simple legal questions for immigrants to the US.

Originally from Denver, Colorado, I graduated from the University of Vermont, Class of 2015.

For further stalking, consult LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or just email me at martinkerrymartin@gmail.com.

Kerry Martin Denver Colorado UVM


Important: I’m engaged to my best friend Claire. We met in US Government class at CCHS and studied abroad in Tanzania together, where after working at a rural clinic she transformed her life and enrolled at NYU College of Nursing, where she’s currently hitting it out of the ballpark. She’s a keeper.


I have a pretty great family too. A lot to be thankful for.

Kerry Martin Burlington Vermont UVM