Droppin’ the Ball

Hi loyal readers (yeah, all two of you). So I realize that my last post was in April. Dammit, Kerry, you call yourself a blogger?!?!? I know, I know, it’s bad. But first there were term papers then there were finals then summer started and Gosh darnit isn’t it just so easy to think of excuses in the summertime? It really is. But that’s unfair, Kerry, look at everything that’s happened in the world since April, from North Korea exploding stuff to France embracing gay rights to the Pentagon arming Syrian rebels to Iran electing the moderate President Hassan Rowhani to some angry protesters in Turkey and Brazil to the creation of the Edward Snowden; Kinda Hot website! Okay, I’m very sorry, but if I was your only reputable news source, it’s about time you made some lifestyle changes.

And let me warn you, it’s only going to get worse. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been blogging elsewhere. #traitor. I got (read: my mom got me) a job at Webolutions, a marketing firm for small Denver businesses. So you can check out my riveting posts for Certified Plumbing Company, Sloane’s Carpet Secret, Ridgeline Safes, Accurate Auto Body, and Vision Care Specialists. You might find them dreadfully boring, unless you have an unquenchable passion for search engine optimization. I’m trying to finish their June through August posts before I leave to study abroad in mid-July, at which point blogging will become a pretty low priority (I’ll still be blogging about plumbing and carpets, though).

That on top of some other personal writing has left The Microcosm sad and neglected.

I really regret having let this blog falter. Six months ago I couldn’t tell HTML from HIV; now I’ve grown rather fond of this whole internet thing. So I’ll be back, I promise, but it might be a while. You’ve got better things to read anyway.


Photo Credit: Facebook.com/pages/Edward-Snowden-Support-Page

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